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Our mission is to engineer the EMPIRE Water Tube Boiler to meet the exacting demands of the mills' latest requirements.
The need for a USER and ENVIRONMENTAL friendly Steam Boiler for firing BIOMASS Fuel cannot be overemphasized. Traditional methods
of boiler sizing and evaluation is no longer valid.
 Latest Research & Development in Palm oil Milling technology has shown that changes in the FFB Sterilisation Process, higher electrical power demand, stringent environmental emission standards and the use of empty bunch fibre (EFB) as fuel require new method in Boiler Evaluation. A shortage of manpower demands more automation in Fuel Feeding, Automatic Boiler Control and Continuous Ash Discharge.

 Boiler Specifications

 Design Code      : BS 1113 / A.S.M.E Section 10
 Type                  : Bi-Drum
 Furnace Design : Refractory Backed / Membrane Wall


"Atlas" vertical boilers are designed and constructed to the latest
ASME Code. All "Atlas" vertical boilers are approved by the
Department of Occupational Safety and Health and each unit
undergoes rigorous inspection during the fabrication stage of the
boiler. The inspection is carried out by an approved Third Party
Inspection company.


- Simplicity & compact design.
- High efficiency.
- Ease of operation.
- Perfect flue gases pass over water heating surfaces.
- Large steam chamber.
- Space saving.
- Easy burner accessibility at convenient working height for servicing &
  clean air intake.
- Easy Maintenance.


The "Combi" design is a composite construction that combines the
best features associated with both fire tube and water tube boilers.
It comprises of a water tube furnace of "Membrane Wall" construction
and a shell and tube section that provides convective heating
surface. The former ensures gas tightness, increased heat exchange
efficiency and minimum refractory work, the latter provides large water volume and steam
release area.

The boilers are designed to fire various types of Biomass fuel and can be supplemented with fossil fuel. The nature of fuel and degree of mechanization will determine the type of fuel feeding system


Design and construction
The boiler is an all welded horizontal three pass, wet back fire tube
design, to the requirements of B.S.2790, 1989, supplied as a
packaged and supplied as a package unit with burner and ancillary
equipment fitted before dispatch.

1. Large Thermal Storage
Large water content in boiler to maintain constant pressure of boiler. Large  steam / water  surface to give low escape velocity & hence to ensure drier steam.

2. Lower Tube Metal Temperature
The completely water-cooled combustion chamber increase the proportion of radiant heating surface, lowering the gas temperature into the convection tubes and increasing boiler's overall fuel to steam efficiency. Combustion chamber acts as primary heating surface as well.

3. Concentric furnace designed. Better hot water circulation

4. Accessibility
Boilers are fitted with a 420 mm X 320 mm manhole welded into the top of the top of the shell and two head-holes in the bottom of the shell where access is possible.

5. Less sensitive to poor feed water quality
Research and tests shown that due to lower metal temperature the boiler is more suitable for use with feed-water of poorer quality.

6. Minimum refractory at Burner quarl hence reduces incidence of refractory works.

7. Third pass plain tubes fully expanded
Second pass plain tubes expanded at one end & welded at combustion chamber end with "J" prep.

8. Quality & proven burner is employed to do the duty.
It is "user friendly" and easy for maintenance.

9. Water level controls and alarms are fitted as follow:-
Dual control arranged to cut out the burner and give alarm at first low water level and also to control the feed water pump.

Single control arranged to lockout the burner and alarm at second low water level.

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